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6 Steps to Un-lock Yourself from “Scale-Jail!” for good!

Breaking yourself out of scale-jail can be an extremely difficult job, especially if you’ve been on lock down for quite awhile! If your routine involves daily weigh-ins where you dread looking down to see the number barely budge- it’s time for you to break out! I’ve dubbed it scale –jail and it’s a vicious cycle. I’ve seen many people hit their goal weight, celebrate and indulge one day and turn around the next to punish and deprive if they don’t weigh the same. What gives?

When we get down to the bare of it, we are literally letting a number decide our happiness or our punishment. The moment that number is not what we had in our minds, we start the “should have, would haves”, negative self-talk ramps up and feelings of un-worthiness or doubt creep in! Who needs that? No one!

All the hard work we put into our bodies, the energy exerted on exercise, the wholesome foods we feed ourselves; all the positives, seem to be forgotten when we’re just focusing on that number. It’s time to break through those barriers and escape to lead a life of freedom from the scale. Start gaining satisfaction from your actions instead of labeling it with a number, because you are so much more!

Now here comes the tough love! We are going to break you out of this habit! But, it requires you to get very honest with yourself. Put that scale away – out of sight out of mind and go through these six supportive steps to help you slip out of scale jail and never look back!

#1: Accept that you’re stuck in scale-jail. We often run on autopilot and we’re un-aware of what we’re doing and more importantly why we are doing it!

#2: Ask yourself what the number does for you? How does it make you feel? Close your eyes and scan your body. What physical sensations do you feel? (Remember- your stomach knotting up or your posture, even your words or thoughts are telling you something!)

#3: What do you believe the number on the scale says about you?

#4: Challenge it! Is that belief serving you or is it taking away from you? What are the pros + cons of having that belief?

#5: If the cons out weigh the pros- ditch that core belief and that routine!

#6: Add in a new guiding principle- out with the old and in with new! Write down a new rule that is going to nourish you!

Replace that routine with a more satisfying and nourishing one. Here’s some ideas to get you started:
• Ask yourself what good you can do for yourself today
• Nourish your body with a refreshing smoothie or snack after a workout
• Give yourself a compliment on a workout or body part.
• Remember you are the one who puts yourself on that scale – no one else.

Be compassionate with yourself, it takes time to put new routines into place!

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Elyse Wagner
Nutritionist and mental health counselor, Elyse is the founder of My Kitchen Shrink, an on-line interactive coaching practice and video blog called E TV where she serves up the dish weekly by answering your juicy questions about anything health. Elyse is the soon to be author of the Survival Guide To Living Gluten Free and speaker at business events, health and wellness groups, Celiac support groups and corporations such as Whole Foods. She is a contributing author for the Gluten Intolerance Group Magazine and writes for many online publications. Her motto: Change your food; change your life!


  1. This was great! My favorite sentence was “ are the one who puts yourself on that scale…” You are so right and I can take myself OFF too! By that, I mean, I think a lot of my negative self talk probably weighs more than I do!!!!!


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