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La Ishá – A New Kind of Skincare for the Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Those of us who need to avoid gluten know just how difficult it is to find quality products that are safe and effective as well as non-toxic and cruelty-free. In the past, following a GF lifestyle posed a significant challenge not just to diet, but to taking good care of the skin since about 70% of what is applied topically to the body finds its way into the blood stream. This explains why topical medicinal patches for everything from motion sickness to smoking cessation and birth control are effective.
Until very recently, in order to be safe, we either had to master DIY kitchen wizardry; settle for products that weren’t very effective but were at least GF and all natural; or take a chance on commercial brands that list key ingredients but do not fully disclose the rest. All of that changed with the advent of La Ishá High-Potency Skin Care: an all-natural GF, vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that deserves to be on your short list. La Ishá is one of less than a handful of cosmetic companies in the U.S. that has a policy of full ingredient disclosure. The company’s holistic approach to timeless beauty integrates clinical essential oil therapy, traditional plant lore, international botanical research, and therapeutic-grade aromatherapy to safely produce visually stunning results in record time.
La Ishá Founder and CEO Sharon Gnatt Epel created this award-winning brand out of necessity for herself and her children at a time when GF skincare was simply not available in the marketplace. She is passionate about natural ingredients, health and wellness and believes that beauty and good health should not be mutually exclusive. Her company’s first product, Breast SOS, developed a cult-following within months of its introduction. Shortly after its release, the company introduced a line of natural skin care formulations so potent that they had to be packaged in glass instead of acrylic or plastic containers.
Another unique aspect of La Ishá’s skin care line is its customizable hydration system, which makes it possible to accommodate a woman’s continuously evolving body chemistry on a daily basis. It is also perfect for those whose skin has been through chemo or radiation therapy and would benefit from personalized recovery support. Made fresh to order from natural and organic ingredients that combat, repair and soothe dry, dull and sun-damaged skin, the entire line is free of synthetics, fillers, artificial colors, chemical fragrances, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, petroleum derivatives and known cancer-causing agents. La Ishá Natural Skincare is also M.D. endorsed, cruelty-free, vegan-certified, and gluten-free.

The recipient of multiple best-in-beauty awards, La Ishá has been featured on TV and many major national publications including Redbook, American Spa, New You, Heart & Soul, Dermascope, CGI and Skin Deep. Products are available for purchase exclusively through the company website at in order to guarantee their authenticity and ensure maximum potency.

Contact Information Customer Support: Phone: 702-944-9570 (M-Fri)

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