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Holiday Cookie Guide from Pamela’s

It’s holiday time again, which reminds me of making cookies. I don’t make them anymore because I own a cookie bakery, but when I was a kid, I was the one who took over that job from my mom. There were classic cookies in my line up: the crackle fudge cookie, Mexican Wedding Cakes (largely a butter dough with pecans rolled in powdered sugar before and after baking — what a mess!), ginger cookies, sugar cookies that look like candy canes from twisting two colors of dough, and Spritz cookies which use a cookie press that my mother had FOREVER that pushes the correct texture dough through dies in different shapes. (When I moved out, I stole it.) And then there were those cookies my dad always loved that took forever to make. They were like little pecan pies — what a pain with so many steps, and then at the end, we had to remove them from their little individual tart pans without breaking them. Sheeeeeeeeesh! Today, I can easily and quickly have cookies for the holidays. If I don’t want to bake, we now offer Pepperminty Chocolate Cookies and Buttery Sugar Cookies in cute snowman boxes, or I can use my Sugar Cookie Mix to easily roll out and cut cookies with all those cookie cutters I have been buying for years and have been meaning to use. The one thing that is certain is that everyone I know still loves cookies, so I guess maybe this year I should get out that cookie press and my All-Purpose Flour Artisan Blend and get going. I really have no need for Santa cookies any other time of the year… Happy Holidays!-Pamela Giusto-Sorrells

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