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Happy Holidays: Gluten Free Gifting

Its that time of year again – Happy Holidays! For those that are struggling trying to figure out what to get for their gluten-free friend or family member, we have some ideas. 

·        A craft beer kit. This way your gluten-free loved one can brew their own gluten-free beer.

·        A bread maker. Your love one will love fresh, homemade, gluten-free bread.  It tastes great and will make your house smell delicious.

·        Skewers.  Gluten-free folks cannot eat buns, but with skewers they can participate in a barbeque in some capacity.

·        A spiralizer. Purchase one with five different blades so that your loved one can make foods like zucchini pasta.

·        Gluten-free pizza crust.  Who doesn’t love pizza?  It is a challenge when one is gluten-free.  This will help them satisfy that pizza craving.

·        Pizza stone.  While you’re buying pizza goods, consider purchasing them a pizza stone.  This will help them to make tasty, homemade pizza that is safe for their bodies.

·        A bag of gluten free multipurpose flour.  Helping your loved one survive in a world lacking in gluten-free options by providing the means to cook for themselves means this will be a valuable gift.

·        Gluten-free cookbook.  Speaking on providing means to cook for themselves, a cookbook would be essential.

·        Stainless steel cookware.  Someone newly diagnosed with celiac should get rid of their non-stick cookware as the surface can harbor gluten.

·        Blender or food processor. Your gluten-free loved one inevitably will have to cook for themselves a lot more.  This gift will certainly come in handy.

Gluten-free foods can be made to have great flavor and be fulfilling.  Your loved ones dedication to cooking for him/herself is one thing.  Our loved ones health depends on it.  But time is usually the problem.  And these gifts are aimed to help streamline their efforts. 

We at TheGFRD hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


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