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Another business doing awesome things in the world of gluten free nutrition, dieting, and cooking is UK-based Celebration Gift Cakes (Liverpool), run by Jenny Koleva!

In 2005 at age 19, Jenny was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease – an autoimmune condition where the immune system mistakes substances found inside gluten as a threat to the body and attacks them. It damages the surface of the small bowel (intestines), disrupting the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food, and if left untreated can lead to a number of conditions such as cancer, infertility and osteoporosis – so glad they caught it early! Since then she has followed a strict gluten-free diet for life (the only treatment for coeliac disease) and she feels like she has been on a real journey, learning so much along the way!

Jenny wanted to have the opportunity to offer support to other people who were struggling when diagnosed. This led her to start her own blog, ‘Jenny’s gluten free blog and recipe forum’, which is a group on Facebook where she often shares recipes and ideas as well as alerting people to any product recalls or important information regarding gluten-free news. She shares pictures of new products she has tried or posts blogs about restaurants that she has had good experiences at. She has been inspired to make her own gluten-free food from scratch too, stating, “I think it tastes better and gives you a sense of achievement, it is also very therapeutic and allows me to release my creativity. I’ve become a keen baker who really enjoys experimenting with different ingredients and trying various recipes. I enjoy making cakes, scones, quiches and pastry but my passion is definitely for cakes, which I absolutely love baking and decorating using many diverse techniques.”

She received a lot of praise and requests from people asking her to make them cakes after she had posted pictures of her creations online, which led to opening her gluten free cake business three years ago: Celebration Gift Cakes. She has passed her food hygiene level 2 and food allergy training, as well as completed a Cake Making Business Diploma.  Jenny was crowned Delicious Alchemy’s Gluten Free Magic Bake Off Champion 2015, she won Dr. Oetker’s Free From Bake Off, and in June 2016 she was named Costco’s business of the month. She makes delicious gluten-free cakes, cupcakes and sweet cones for any celebration or occasion; She understands about the importance of gluten-free ingredients and the safety of no cross-contamination. Says Jenny, “So many people have said that they can’t even tell that my cakes are gluten free as they have the same texture as ‘normal’ cake, which is a real compliment as it is sometimes hard to create the right texture when not using gluten (which is a binder). I loved making my own wedding cake and cupcake seating plan in April 2016 when my husband and I got married and I have had the chance to have stalls selling my cakes at numerous events. I am so happy that I have been able to give both coeliacs and anyone that has gluten intolerance a chance to have a unique cake on their special occasion, just like everybody else.”

You can get in touch with Jenny via email at, or through her Facebook page: Be sure to follow her on Instagram by searching for Celebration Gift Cakes or on Twitter –

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