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Nutritionist and mental health counselor, Elyse is the founder of My Kitchen Shrink, an on-line interactive coaching practice and video blog called E TV where she serves up the dish weekly by answering your juicy questions about anything health. Elyse is the soon to be author of the Survival Guide To Living Gluten Free and speaker at business events, health and wellness groups, Celiac support groups and corporations such as Whole Foods. She is a contributing author for the Gluten Intolerance Group Magazine and writes for many online publications. Her motto: Change your food; change your life!

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Food For Thought: Collard Greens Make Their Debut

What comes to mind when someone mentions collard greens? Do you conjure up images of a bunch of greens boiled to death with loads of bacon..

July 12, 2013 with 0 Comments

6 Steps to Un-lock Yourself from “Scale-Jail!” for good!

Breaking yourself out of scale-jail can be an extremely difficult job, especially if you’ve been on lock down for quite awhile! If your..

June 13, 2013 with 3 Comments

Dating Gluten Free: 101

Author: Elyse Wagner, MS Nutritionist & Mental Health Counselor When you hear the word “date”, what thoughts cross your mind? Are..

June 13, 2013 with 0 Comments