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Part chef, part entertainer and part philosopher, Chef Silvia Bianco is unique. Her generosity of spirit along with her engaging, practical style has been appreciated by thousands of students for more than 13 years. Chef Silvia continues to grow a strong on-line presence through her web site and her monthly essays on food and life Notes From the Chef.

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3 Reasons to Go Gluten-Free Even if You’re Not a Celiac

I’m lucky. I don’t have Celiac disease. But, I’ve been on and off gluten for several years. I can easily justify enjoying my passion..

June 11, 2013 with 1 Comment

A Foolproof/Fuss-Free Guide to Putting Together a Gluten-Free Buffet

If you like entertaining and you’re committed to or need to be gluten-free, what do you serve and still please your friends? Challenging..

June 11, 2013 with 1 Comment

Can Going Gluten-Free Help Us Exercise Our Creative Muscles?

Most cooks are masters of reinvention. We have to be. We need recipes that work for our particular preferences and lifestyle, so..

June 11, 2013 with 4 Comments