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3 Reasons to Go Gluten-Free Even if You’re Not a Celiac

I’m lucky. I don’t have Celiac disease. But, I’ve been on and off gluten for several years. I can easily justify enjoying my passion for bread, pasta, pizza and pastries. Eating them doesn’t’ make me sick. But this reluctant “gluten-free” gal has plenty of reasons not to indulge…and I’m trying. Here’s my top 3 reasons why going gluten-free is a good thing.

1. Gluten makes me bloated. For years I’ve wondered why my slim, petite frame looks svelte one day and 6 months pregnant the next. I’d complain about this in my 20’s. I knew I didn’t gain 30 lbs. overnight but I went decades without figuring out why I had a bulge. I remember as a kid, my parents wondered where their belly came from. They didn’t drink beer but as any good Italian family would, we ate pasta or bread with almost every meal. When I cut out gluten, my belly disappears too. I look and feel better almost instantly.

2. I lose weight and feel lighter. I have more energy and my jeans don’t have a muffin top. I feel healthier because when I stay away from bread and pasta I eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. I have healthier teeth and gums. I’ve been a regular at the dentist’s office since I was 6. I brush and floss and still have dental problems. Dentist tell me it’s just my DNA. I’m now convinced it’s because gluten interferes with how my body absorbs the essential nutrients it needs to maintain healthy teeth and gums. When I go gluten-free for an extended period of time, my gums don’t bleed and I have fewer dental problems. And that not only translates to a healthier mouth but also a healthier bank account.


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